We must invest in our citizens because we are all interdependent. Just as the private sector needs the public sector's infrastructure, the public sector needs the private sector's innovations. Let's get everyone back to work. Let's educate and train our workforce. Let's grow our economy so everyone who wants to work can get a job. More employment equals less poverty and less crime. We all want a safer community with strong workforce. This is our common goal, and I will fight for this reality. (Below are some TEDTalk inspired ideas).




It's all about job creation and living wages. Wisconsin ranks 40th in the U.S. for job creation. We must approach the job creation solution from all fronts--public and private. Let's encourage new business, tech, startups, and eco-friendly companies into Wisconsin. Let's connect our hard workers to good paying jobs. We need smart policies to tackle the modern economy. Click here to see how we do it.





We can cut crime and save money by addressing the root cause of crime. We need to treat addiction like a public health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. Crime reduction is about strengthening the community, making sure each and everyone has a stake in our shared community, and reconnecting reformed ex-offenders into the community. 

We need to be smart on who we lock up. Let's use cheaper and more effective alternatives for non-violent crimes. In doing so, we do the right thing while saving taxpayer dollars. Click here to see how we do it. 





Childhood education begins with the parents. We need to harness the strength of our community to push for community schools and strengthen support system for both parents and students, specifically families facing financial and logistical hardships. The number of words a child is exposed to between ages 0-3 is significantly correlated to the child's IQ and academic success. Early childhood education must be integrated into the community schools. Let's make our schools the central hub for the community.  Click here to see how we do it.