Let's treat gun ownership like car ownership. Responsible gun ownership starts with accountability. 

  • Like the driver's license, all gun owners must complete and successfully pass a gun safety course to include a written and real-life test. Permit to be renewed. 
  • Like car registrations and the DMV, all guns must be registered with the DNR. The process must be easy and accessible.  
  • ANY and ALL unregistered guns will be immediately confiscated and held until ownership can be shown. 
  • Possession of a stolen or unregistered firearm is a strict liability offense.
  • Private sales must all be registered with the DNR because all guns must be registered. The process must be easy and accessible. 
  • Formation of a stolen or unregistered gun task force where the sole purpose is to track and eliminate elicit guns. Prosecution of "straw purchasers".
  • Criminalize and increase penalty for firearm trafficking offenses. 
  • Clarify existing but confusing laws about what it means to conceal carry.
  • Mandatory background checks provided by DNR for gun sellers.
  • Streamline liability to sellers who fail to follow background check protocols.